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Dead Bonefish

Dead Bonefish

ok, this is from a few years back.  this is Tee, a guide at Bair’s Lodge in South Andros.  i think this is somewhere back in Little Creek.  this was about a 6 pound bonefish that i had caught and released.  as the tired fish snaked away slowly, i noticed a small shark following 50 feet behind, obviously sensing a weary fish even from that distance.  the bonefish headed toward a small creek inlet where a minute later, the water erupted.  as soon as i looked back over, a pool of blood clouded the water, and this half of the bonefish surfaced.  Tee quickly moved over to fetch the remains and took it home to eat.  bonefish are supposedly good to eat, but full of bones (not as bad on the bigger ones).  the guides don’t kill them often, so i guess this was a rare ‘treat’.

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