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Back in Patagonia!!

hey, guys…been a while.  i took a break from hectic office work here in Buenos Aires and went to Patagonia to visit some friends this past week.  right now we are in the beginning of the fishing season here in Argentina, so there’s a lot of paperwork and preparation.  for everyone out there who’s wondering, we have good water levels this year in Patagonia, at least up north in the Aluminé area.  maybe a bit below average, but more water than last year for sure.

more fishing in our \

i spent a couple of days with my good friend Javier Herrera (guide for Northern Patagonia Fishing Club) up in the Aluminé region, checking out a couple pieces of water that almost never get fished.  one of them is mostly spring fed.  19″-22″ rainbows, and fat…with the occasional lunker brown.  no small fish and not a lot of fish in general, maybe 1-2 in each good pool, but we caught them all on dry flies with easy casting.  it was kind of a crappy day with clouds and a lot of wind.  the other spot here in the photos wasn’t such great fishing, but stunningly beautiful scenery in a deep canyon with araucaria’s (prehistoric pine) everywhere.  all in all it was a hell of a way to get the season started.  there’ll be much more to come in the weeks ahead, i’ll try and post as often as possible.  cheers.  joey (photos © Joey lin 2008, except the one of me taken by Javier!).

crazy fish rising

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  dan wrote @ February 15th, 2009 at 11:56 pm

Great Blog. I have been to Patagonia twice, beautiful

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