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Mexico Baby Tarpon Fishing


hey, guys…so here are the first of a few photos from my trip in september to the western Yucatán for baby tarpon with Yucátan Fly Fishing Adventures.  our fishing was pretty fantastic, most days we had lots of rolling tarpon in the 8-15+ pound range rolling all over, with some fish in the 20-25 pound range eating our flies.


these first photos are of Billy Mims from Whitney, Texas…this was Billy’s FIRST trip ever to fly fish anywhere.  needless to say, tarpon is probably not the best fish to start your fly fishing career with, but Billy had a great attitude.  since i was coming from Argentina, i had no time to get Billy properly geared up or any lessons, so on our arrival day to Isla Arena, i gave him a crash course in fly casting that lasted no more than 10 minutes.  basically, i explained the loop, measuring the cast, the lay down, how to strip the fly and how to set the hook.

after about 10 minutes, Billy said “i think i got it.  i’m gonna be fine”……here are the results.  the first morning, Billy LANDED 2 tarpon.  same on the second day.  on the 3rd day when we shared a boat, the wind had gone slack and the fishing went crazy.  Billy landed 7 tarpon by noon!!!  how’s that for a newbie??  congratulations, Billy!!     (photos © Joey Lin 2010)

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  Dave wrote @ December 10th, 2010 at 10:24 am

Nice pics bud! Baby tarpon are a blast….

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