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Photo of the Week - Carp Lips

ok, this is the first ‘photo of the week’.  i’m doing this to force myself to post something at least once a week, especially right now, i’m in between fishing seasons.  plus it gives me an excuse to highlight some photos i happen to like from the past.

Carp Frontal

this is a carp.  i like to carp fish with a fly rod.  this happens to be on the edge of lake travis near austin.  turns out that when the lake is up in the spring, carp cruise the flats to spawn on the flooded edges, in the grass.  they tail just like redfish, and you can sight fish to them.  i suppose the most prominent feature of carp are their disgusting lips.  i took this photo to show that, i guess.  kind of funny, don’t you think?


  Vince Wiseman wrote @ May 28th, 2007 at 3:26 pm

Where do you site fish for them on Travis? Is it too late in the year? We have had a lot of rain and the late is up, so I thought maybe I should try. What flies?

  joey wrote @ May 28th, 2007 at 3:34 pm

yes, this would be a perfect time. always in the spring.

check out this link:

check out directions for Grelle. it’s a primitive camp site, you can drive to. i believe this is where we’ve always gone. there are others around this same area before you get to Spicewood, you’ll just have to investigate. basically, you just look for flooded edges. they are everywhere this time of year, tailing or cruising. flies, we used small damselfly nymphs and small woolly buggers stripped very slow. neutral bouyancy is best, but something that sinks will work too, just hook-up and one that doesn’t make too big of a splash. they aren’t easy to catch, but they do eat. easier than permit, though. and there are freshwater drum mixed in there.

  Rod wrote @ July 6th, 2007 at 5:27 pm

Joey - - That’s a very ugly carp! I’ve got one that is “more ugly,” if that’s possible. I would like to send a jpp to you for your professional opinion. How do I do that?
Best fishes,

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