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Damsel Fly on the Llano River

Llano River Damsel Fly

ok, this is just an excuse for me to post some old photos that i liked. one thing about doing this blog thing is that i finally have an outlet for my photos. some of you may know that i used to work professionally as a photographer before i left the scene sometime around 1995 to pursue my life in fly fishing. don’t know if that was the right move, felt like it at the time, though.

anyhow, this is from about 10 years ago. i was out wade-fishing on the Llano River with some buddies and it started to rain.  i set my rod down to take pictures or pee or whatever, can’t really remember.  but upon return, i noticed a damsel fly that had hatched from it’s nymph form and had crawled onto my Winston rod, trying to dry it’s wings. anyone who is familiar with Texas Hill Country fishing knows how important damsel flies are to Guadalupe Bass and other species. i shot this photo with an Olympus Infinity Stylus, an $80 (at the time) point-and-shoot. perfect for accidentally dropping into the water. i’m too chicken to have more expensive cameras out on the water.

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